Jim Caviezel’s Testimony (Passion of the Christ movie)

Amazing testimony and words of Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ movie, which is the highest grossing R-rated film in history just like the Holy Bible is the world’s best-selling book. Jim Caviezel is being interviewed by Dave Cooper.

Evolution vs God

Solid Evidence that the Bible is True:

Romans 8 by John Piper:


Andy Stanly’s iMarriage Small Group Study

“Keeping My ‘I’ On You”, which is the first of a 3 week lesson. This sermon focuses on “Desires” verses “Expectations”.


Bill shares his experience as described in his book, “23 Minutes in Hell.” This powerful message will change your life! This video is taken from his DVD which is included with his 3rd book, “23 Questions about Hell.” Copyright 2010 by Bill Wiese. (DVD includes additional content).
Questions answered are:

Isn’t God mean for making hell?
What about the person in the remotest part of the jungle who never heard of Jesus?
Isn’t preaching “hell” using scare tactics?
Where was God when the disaster (earthquake, hurricane, etc) struck?
Didn’t Jesus preach love and acceptance?
Why are the demons themselves not in torment?
AND many more questions answered…

“Lifestyle Christianity!”

This feature length movie takes you into four normal days of the life of Todd White. Get a behind-the-scenes perspective on how Todd White represents our King with every breath that he has.